Burris Slick Tire$54.99 USD$59.99 USD

The Classic Burris Slick Tire in the B44B compound. Designed for outstanding durability and grip.

Burris Treaded Tires$84.99 USD

The Show Stopper, The King, The Burris Treaded Tire. Built for endurance and unparalleled grip.

DWT 6" Wheel$49.99 USD

Douglas Classic Wheels: Made in the USA, built with 6061 aluminum for high-performance kart projects.

WHATS THE REAL COST for Professional Wheel Building

Properly building wheels requires specialized tools that ensure your safety and proper tire installation. Here’s a breakdown of the necessary tools if you wanted to do this at home:

Total Tool Cost: $429 - $599

Investing in these tools involves a significant upfront cost. For those who do not frequently build wheels, utilizing a professional service like GoKartGod’s Wheel Builder may be more economical and safer. This service saves on the cost of tools and ensures expert assembly and maintenance of each wheel.


Understand tire markings:

a quick guide to sizing numbers.

Format: (Height x Width - Rim Size)

  • Height: The first number indicates the tire's height or diameter in inches.
  • Width: The second number specifies the tire's width in inches.
  • Rim Size: The number after the dash represents the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.


  • (12 x 9.00-6): This tire is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide, and fits a 6-inch rim.

Choose the right wheel size:

a quick guide to proper sizing.

Format: Diameter x Width

  • Rim Size: The first number indicates the wheel's diameter in inches. This is how tall the wheel is.
  • Width: The second number specifies the wheel's width in inches. This measures how wide the wheel is across.


  • 6" x 8.25": This wheel has a diameter of 6 inches and a width of 8.25 inches.